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Our Values

We Care
We care
We Value People
We value people
One Team
We are one team

About Us

Bradford Teaching Hospitals is a renowned teaching hospital at the forefront of research, education, and development, with a state-of-the-art simulation and skills training centre on-site. We serve a population of diverse and vibrant communities, not only from Bradford but also from the wider West Yorkshire region.

Our Vision

To be an outstanding provider of healthcare, research and education, and a great place to work.


Why Bradford?

Bradford’s 19th-century manufacturing heritage can be seen in the sandstone architecture of its houses and public buildings, giving the streets of Bradford a distinctive feel. In more recent years, major investment projects have brought the city centre to life with shopping and entertainment. Bradford is still one of the more affordable places to live in the region.

As the youngest city in the UK Bradford – alongside Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust – is also investing heavily in the future by providing the right training at every level. We are proud of investing in our workforce.

The diversity within our trust…

We are a dynamic team, dedicated to fostering an inclusive environment. Our commitment lies in appreciating diversity and promoting inclusion throughout our workforce. We aspire to build teams that mirror the rich tapestry of our communities.

…reflects the diversity of Bradford

Our workforce mirrors the rich diversity of Bradford, placing a premium on workforce diversity and ensuring a representative blend of talent. The Trust is committed to creating an inclusive environment that values and celebrates this diversity, fostering a sense of belonging for both patients and employees. The Trust’s leadership embodies this commitment, actively engaging with and reflecting the city’s vibrant mosaic of cultures and perspectives.

Our Culture

People come to work here to care for our patients and progress their careers – and stay because they become part of our family. ​​We are proud of our people and our culture – which is built on our shared values – we care, we value people, and we are one team. We are proud to be known for our friendly and inclusive culture. Our colleagues create our culture as we continue to thrive in our values!

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