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Through the Trust’s support, my personal life has been able to develop alongside my career…

Why Join Us?

Bradford Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is an award-winning organisation which has won a multitude of awards and recognitions, for the amazing work each of our colleagues do every day. Not only that, as a teaching hospital learning, growth and innovation are at the core of everything we do… 

However, we understand we would not be able to achieve any of this without the dedication of our incredible teams. We value our colleagues and are committed to fostering a positive, supportive environment to help ensure our workforce thrives in their careers with us here at BTHFT. The wellbeing of our colleagues is of the utmost importance to us as we know this is fundamental for us to be able to give the best care possible to our patients.

Training Development
Training & Development

BTHFT is a leader in healthcare education and we pride ourselves in being at the forefront of innovation. The Trust is proud to host the Bradford Institute for Health Research (BIHR) established in 2007 on-site at the Bradford Royal Infirmary, to conduct trail-blazing applied health research in partnership with UK universities. Within the Institute, the Trust also has a Clinical Research Facility which allows researchers to undertake cutting-edge clinical trials.

Being a teaching hospital Trust, we are committed to cultivating a culture of learning and growth for all of our colleagues. Wherever our colleagues strive to go in their careers, we are dedicated to removing barriers and supporting the advancement of their knowledge and skills…

Rotation Opportunities

Many professionals joining BTH can experience rotations allowing them to explore different areas, develop competence and build confidence. When you join Bradford, you can expect to build a range of expertise and experience both community and acute settings. Find your fit with us!

Career Develop
Career Development

Here at BTHFT, we strive for excellence, especially when it comes to the knowledge and skills of our staff. But that’s not to say, we need you to be an expert from Day 1. Learning is at the heart of our work, and endeavour to give all staff the space to grow, and the expertise and facilities to take their careers to the next level. 

We have wide-ranging training available for our colleagues for whatever stage they are at in their careers. Whether you are just starting out in your Nursing career and would like to undertake our comprehensive 12-month Preceptorship Programme, or you are an experienced healthcare professional seeking advanced specialism training – we have it all and encourage you to fulfil your potential!


At our organisation, your dedication and hard work are not only acknowledged but celebrated. You’ll have the opportunity to learn from the forefront of education in cutting-edge facilities. “We are Bradford” encapsulates our core values and reinforces the unity of our team.

Each year, we host prestigious recognition awards, where we applaud our staff’s outstanding contributions and honour those with long-standing dedication to our mission. Plus, we have a continuous stream of recognition with our employee of the month and team of the month awards!


Wellbeing Support

Joining our team comes with comprehensive personal support through our on-site Health and Wellbeing Service, offering complimentary counselling and mental health support. Additionally, you’ll have access to a diverse range of staff support networks. 

For those looking to stay active, we provide on-site gyms at St. Luke’s and the BRI, where you can opt for gym memberships that include classes. We also offer convenient cycle storage facilities and a cycle-to-work scheme. Our commitment to your wellbeing extends to Thrive, an easily accessible website accessible from home for all employees. Thrive serves as a central hub for a wealth of health and wellbeing information.

Discover more about rewards and benefits here >

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